Elimination of Single Use Plastics

An incredible amount of plastic waste is generated at each event, from every crate of plates, setting of silverware, and service platter coming wrapped in plastic to the temptation to use disposables to reduce rental costs. By having the full complement of furniture, bar-ware, and dinner pieces in house available at our flat per guest rate, there will be no temptation to use disposables for ease or cost reasons and will be no waste born from the transportation process.

Reduced Trucking Pollution

When executing an event in a raw space, everything is delivered and picked up separately, such as alcohol, food and rentals, which adds up to a lot of gas burned. At Walden food production, rentals and base AV are in-house, reducing the need for redundant trucking trips.

Recycling, Composting, Reduced Trash Production

We partner with Resource Center to feature a comprehensive and verified full recycling and composting program, which minimizes landfill impact. Flowers are recycled through donations to area churches and nursing homes. In addition, by featuring beer and wine on draft, waste byproducts from the bar are massively reduced. While you might fill two full dumpsters at a typical event, Walden should generate less than a cubic yard of landfill bound trash per week.

Sustainable Energy Sourcing

Walden is committed to sourcing all of our electrical needs through environmentally sustainable providers, which verifies that every Kw is generated through renewable energy sources.

Carbon Offsetting Your Event

Walden is a carbon-neutral space with affordable options available to offset carbon footprint of your event. Walden purchases carbon offsets to minimize the carbon footprint of our daily operations. Additionally, we will calculate a comprehensive carbon footprint for your event, and offer to split the cost of purchasing offsets so your event will be carbon neutral. For most large events, this will range between $75 and $125 in total.